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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In Honor of Steve

The first Dream we are funding is a very, very special one involving a family I adore. I first met Liz as a colleague, but she left teaching to raise her two daughters (now 7 and 10) whom she and her husband Steve adopted as toddlers from Sierra Leone. While I have never met Steve, I had heard many stories of his humor, love of life, kindness, and most of all how he was an amazing and loving father.

This August, Steve was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer. He passed away just 5 months later, right before Christmas-- leaving the wife and daughters he cherished so much. Despite the pain he felt daily, he never complained. Instead, he snuggled with the girls, sang with them, loved them, and apologized to his wife that he had to leave. They had such a short amount of time to prepare for the inevitable, and when it came they were left with a deep hole.

I can't begin to comprehend how this family is facing the rest of their lives without Steve. We felt so helpless, because how do you begin to comfort a family that has lost so much? Despite that feeling, Casey and I do know that just when things were darkest for us somehow a check would arrive to help with expenses, or a note of encouragement, or a meal to feed us. After talking with Liz, what this family needs right now is a chance to get away for a week and laugh, cry, and make new memories in a beautiful place.

So the first Dream we are granting from the TEAM ABBY project is a vacation for the family. It will not be easy for Liz to go on vacation without her beloved Steve, but the girls are so excited for a chance to swim and see dolphins and ride the waterslides. I know he is waiting to see them all smile again.

If you would like to help make this dream happen, please email me as soon as possible ( with a pledge. We have committed to giving this family money to cover 2/3 of the cost of this special vacation. Any amount of money is welcome, whether it is $5, $25 or $500. If you would like to "sponsor" a specific piece of the trip, please see the list below and email me what you would like to cover. To some, a vacation might seem like a "want" versus a "need". Those who have been through a devastating event such as this know that this is very much a "need", the need to begin rebuilding your life and finding spots of happiness through the haze of grief. Liz thanks you, her daughters thank you, I'm sure Steve is thanking you, and of course we are so thankful for you. If you are unable to give at this time, we will have other dreams (large and small) posted as they come up.

Vacation Sponsorship:
shuttle voucher to the resort: $23 (3 sponsorships available)
one day of meals per person: $39 (15 sponsorships available)
activity voucher (such as dolphin encounter): $50 (three sponsorships available)
accommodations per person: $111 (15 sponsorships available)
flight: $300 (three sponsorships available)

Again, any amount is appreciated. No amount is too small (or, too big!)
Lots of love,
Carrie, Casey, and Abby

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