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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Please VOTE on our new logo!

I'm SO EXCITED to show off two logo designs by Janis from Navy Bean. Janis did an amazing job creating two logos that I love, so I need your help to choose the one that will become our official logo!

Take a peek at the two logos below, and leave a comment telling me which is your favorite. We hope that this will become part of our "brand"-- letterheads, t-shirts, promo materials, etc. Without further ado, here they are!



Aren't they AMAZING?!? Okay, time to vote below! Let me know which one you think should be our logo. I'll announce the winning design in about a week!


  1. They are both terrific! My first vote was going to be for #1, but now #2 is growing on me. I don't think you can go wrong!

  2. Although #2 is more "corporate" and probably would be the "professional" choice, I LOVE #1. You just can't beat the sweet pea look. Love it love it love it!

  3. I like number 2 (B). Both are great, though!

  4. Number one is so cute! I wonder if it could be compacted a little from side to side....just a thought, It is definitely my favourite! Christine - Team Abby Canada

  5. I agree with Jenny on her comments...and, with anonymous #2 about whether #1 could be compacted? BOTH are cute though! You can't go wrong!

  6. I like number 1.It could be made tighter more like the second one.

  7. I too would have to go with number one. She is your sweet pea...

  8. Number One! Abby, her mommy and her daddy...three peas in a pod!

  9. NUMBER ONE!! It sums up your little pea....just perfect.