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Monday, December 26, 2011

Sincere Thanks and Goals for 2012

Last March, we dropped off one hundred Care Bags to Jefferson's Intensive Care Nursery-- bags full of soft blankets, books, reusable water bottles, hand sanitizer, tissues, and more.  To say it was a dream come true is an understatement.  It felt amazing to pass along even a tiny fraction of the love and care we received during our 2-month stay in that very place just three years ago.

As I handed over the bags, Abby played with toys in the waiting room... the same waiting room our family used to bide our time during shift changes and procedures.  The same room my mom would sit in for hours on end until it was her turn to hold Abby.  The same room we'd wait for news after exams by various doctors and specialists.  It was surreal to be there again with a healthy Abby, and even as she played I saw families come in who were just beginning the same journey-- and it gave me peace to know they'd be comforted by the bags you all helped put together.

I tried not to cry as a warmer rolled by, the baby bagged and the nurses working intently to save that child.

Not sure I succeeded holding the tears back, not gonna lie!

It was amazing to meet other ICN moms, with miracle babies (like baby G, seen here) as well:

And boy did that little guy have the most kissable cheeks I've ever seen.  He was a rockstar former patient, much loved by all the staff!

We managed to wrangle Nurse Jane away from her duties {and hilarious Facebook updates} for a photo too:

Thank you all for making this possible.  For your donations, your time, your positive energy-- it was appreciated by us, and by the families as well.

After 3 years of fundraising, working with vendors, collecting donations, writing letters, and packing bags I can happily check "Donate 100 Care Bags" off the 2011 to-do list.

Which may leave you wondering, 
"So, what's in store for Team Abby in 2012?"

I wish more than anything I had the energy and time to pull together another 100 bags this year.  However, it cost several thousand dollars and countless hours to make it all happen.  If we had the thousands of dollars in hand, there's no doubt I'd be able to find the countless hours.  But so many of those hours would need to be spent fundraising, and my two little kiddos (affectionately named The Danger Twins, due to their closeness of age and ability to pull off acts Houdini would envy) keep me running from the crack of dawn until... well, truthfully, to the crack of dawn again due to Abby's sleep issues.

my proud helper with our folders and notebooks for the Care Bags

But don't fret, Team Abby is still alive and well, and very busy!  I may not be able to fundraise enough for 100 full Care Bags this year, but I pledge Team Abby will donate 100 blankets and books to Jefferson's ICN in 2012.  While the entire bag is so important to give, the blankets and books are really the heart of it all.  We have a great start with about 50 of each already, so I should be able to purchase and/or gather 50 more blankets and 50 more books for those special, special babies.

I've also been connecting with current Jefferson families during "meet and greets" with pizza and a chance to sit down and chat about Abby's journey and offer help as a former parent and one who has dealt with private nursing/ feeding clinics/ medical supplies, etc.  I never visit empty handed-- I make sure to bring the loveys, books, and blankets donated by you and they are always gratefully accepted by the parents.

What gives me great hope that we'll be able to donate our goal of 100 books and blankets in 2012 is that {with very little effort on my part} we've received several recent generous donations.  These gifts help offset operating costs and will allow me to stock up on blankets and books when I see them on sale.  It's not enough to pay for the 50 of each needed, but the year is young so I have hope it will happen!

We might do a some fundraising here and there, but nothing like what I hope to pull off in the future... oh yes, my wheels are turning!  Sooner or later The Danger Twins will be in school and I can put more energy into planning and pulling off some of the ideas I have rumbling around in this brain of mine.

Abby, an hour old and before head cooling

Until then, THANK YOU for all you've done.  We are, as always, still accepting donations of money, blankets, and books {see the "DONATE" tab above}.  If you have questions or extra time on your hands and wish to fundraise for us, don't hesitate to get in touch!

Much love and blessings to you all, and please accept our deepest gratitude for all you've done to help comfort sick babies and their families as they navigate this difficult journey.

I can't wait to visit that waiting room again with Abby, bearing more Care Bags.  Here's hoping it's sooner than later!  Cheers to a beautiful and healthy 2012, friends!


  1. I would love to have you speak at my church or even my scout group about partnering to add donations! Please let me know the best way to get in touch with you to do this. This is an awesome idea!

  2. Oh, I know you will reach your 2012 goal! And who knows, maybe you will be pleasantly surprised and surpass it.

    And I still have a few books for you. Maybe after this week we can get together or I can mail them to you. :)