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About Team Abby
Words can't convey how much the support of our friends and family meant to us during a long NICU stay for our infant daughter (and the years of special medical needs that followed). We founded Team Abby as a legacy to those who kept us afloat in our time of need.  With your help, we can deliver Care Bags to families facing the unknowns of NICU life, enveloping them in the comfort and hope we strive to provide.

What's With the Peas?
As you may have noticed, our logo is a peapod.  This is a tongue-in-cheek reference to our prayer that Abby's kidneys would start working.  Before she was born, her nickname in utero was Sweet Pea.  Then came her birth and renal failure, and all we wanted was for her to pee.  Once she did, she became our "sweet pee"!

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide comfort and support for families facing extended ICN (Intensive Care Nursery) stays at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia by providing them with Care Bags full of necessities to ease the burden of ICN living.

What's in a Care Bag?
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Meet Abby
Abby certainly entered the world with a "bang!" just before July 4th, 2008.  She was born by emergency c-section when a blood vessel in her umbilical cord ruptured, leaving her without oxygen in utero (this is called a vasa previa). She was rushed to Jefferson University Hospital within hours of her birth to receive a treatment called head cooling.  The thought behind head cooling is that by applying hypothermia to the brain you are slowing or stopping potential brain damage.   She battled renal failure, seizures, GERD, and about one hundred other complications while there.  Two months later, she came home-- sporting a NG tube to help with feeds, but other than feeding doing well.  Thanks to her amazing doctors and nurses, her life was saved. And thanks to her team of angels (our friends, family, and community), so were ours.

Abby, One Day Old

Abby, One Year Old

Abby, Today

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