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Welcome! The ABOUT page tells who we are and what we do. Like what you see? Then click DONATE to read about ways to help Team Abby. Below are various blog posts that relate to our foundation. If you need to get in touch, don't hesitate to CONTACT us! P.S.- My favorite post is here, and it tells you about the day Abby was born... and what happened next.


There are so many ways to help Team Abby!

*  We greatly appreciate any monetary donations you can provide.  They cover the cost of the tote bags and reusable water bottles-- our two biggest expenses.  You can donate quickly and easily online!
Or, mail checks (made out to 'Carrie Higgins' with 'Team Abby' written as a memo) to:

Team Abby Foundation
PO Box 459
Worcester, PA 19490

*  Have some blankets, board books, or "loveys" to add to the bags?   Our donation guide gives you an idea of what we are looking for.  You can also purchase these items through our Team Abby store, where we earn a percentage of the profits.  Double giving!

*  We're rolling out the "Gifts from the Heart" program as a way to add something special to life's celebrations. We can send cards for you to add to event invitations (baby showers, birthdays, etc.) explaining you would love gifts of blankets, loveys, and board books for Team Abby as part of your celebration!  Contact us for more information.

*  Know a business that wants to help?  Run a dollar drive!  For each dollar given, the donor can fill out a sign with their name to hang in your store's window or other prominent location.  The sign says: "_________ is proud to support Team Abby" with your choice of design-- we have sweet peas, pennants, and more.  We'll provide all the materials, you just provide the space and customers!  It's easy AND 100% of the proceeds benefit Team Abby.  We are also accepting corporate sponsors for the Team Abby website (see the Corporate Sponsors page for more information).

*   Think your workplace or other organization would like to help?  Sell Team Abby water bottles, tote bags, Philly Pretzel Factory soft pretzels... we can help facilitate any of these ideas and more.
    You can make checks out to:
    Carrie Higgins (wiht 'Team Abby' in the memo area)
      You can send all gifts to the following address:

      Team Abby Foundation
      P.O. Box 459
      Worcester, PA 19490-0459

      Email us at teamabbyfoundation at gmail dot com

      Please note: we do not currently have 501(c)(3) status, so donations are not yet tax deductible.  This is a goal for next year, but right now we want all monetary donations to go toward Care Bags and not administrative fees!

      Thank you for your support!

      blankets- 69
      loveys- 17
      (updated August 3, 2010)