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NICU Survival Guides
How to Help a NICU Family
The Chupp Family's NICU Experience

Post-NICU Survival Guides
Favorite Things for Babies (Both Speical Needs and Non-Special Needs)
Reflux Mom
A Day in the Life (from Karing for Keegan)

Dealing With Loss
Healing Hearts: Baby Loss Comfort
Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (photography)

Blogs (to connect with other Special Needs families)
Karing For Keegan 
Keegan is a NICU baby that came and bit early and has several genetic disorders.  Recently, his family learned he also has an aggressive form of medulloblastoma, so his journey continues beyond NICU life and onto life fighting cancer.  His mother writes about the trials and tribulations of life caring for (and fighting for) sweet Keegan.

Sofia's CDH Story
Sofie's mom doesn't update this site much any more since Sofie is doing so well, but if you are a CDH family her blog is one that is full of information and hope.  Her mom is a nurse, and really knows her stuff.  I learned a lot about feeding, CDH, and many other things from Jen's blog!

Caleigh's Corner
Caleigh's condition is complicated so it's best if you read about it on her "About" page, but her mom is an amazing advocate for Caleigh and really knows her stuff.  I'm especially impressed by the therapies she uses with Caleigh, including communication via iPad!  If your child has multiple disabilities or issues with communication or mobility you'll connect with Caleigh's Corner.

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